I'm Jamil Geor, a Software Developer and Solution Architect based in Auckland, New Zealand. I am the co-founder of Pattern, a software development consultancy that I established back in 2012. I am also the CTO for SIMTICS, a company that provides simulation based training tools to medical students and professionals.

I started developing software almost 20 years ago, which shows my age ;) I started playing with Linux in the late 90's and one of my first jobs had me looking after an aging IBM RS/6000 system running AIX!

I've been using .Net for a very long time, and still remember unboxing my the .Net Beta CD's in the early 2000's and compiling early alphas of Mono on my Linux machines at home. I started playing with MonoTouch aka Xamarin in 2009 and released my first production mobile app for SIMTICS in 2011.

In 2012 I established a software development consultancy called Pattern. Pattern is made up of Developers, Project Managers, and QA Engineers based in New Zealand and throughout Europe.

We've built systems for distributing and managing media in retail spaces throughout New Zealand. Created content development tools used for generating simulations for just about anything you can think of. Mobile apps for ordering your coffee. eCommerce systems which process large amounts of data every day, and developed next generation dancing and singing animal animation tools ;) Pretty much anything you can think of we've had a go at it.

I have also spent over a decade working in the eLearning space with my work at SIMTICS. With my team, we've developed a simulation based training platform, which has been used in over 90 countries throughout the world to train medical students and professionals alike.

If you need any help with your project, contact me through the Pattern website: